ADHD, ODD and Anxiety are common with some children.  They are treatable with some understanding of how the brain works and coping with sometimes behaviours not understood by parents or caregivers.

300 Million years on earth and still going strong!  The Protea Flower is known to mean Diversity, Courage and Strength.



Depression and Anxiety can be debilitating if left untreated.  There are concrete strategies to manage these ailments with huge success.  Armed with cognitive and behavioral tools, the symptoms of these illnesses are reduced and relapses are further apart.

Counselling Services for anyone who wants help and support with their hurts and worries.  We are unique in that we attend to the clients' homes or a place mutually agreed upon that is safe for all involved. 

We are covered by many  benefit plans.  You pay the rate upfront and then submit your receipt for reimbursement. Ask your insurance company specifically if they cover social workers registered at

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Servicing Caledonia, Jarvis, Brantford, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Cayuga and surrounding areas.



Many people have had bad experiences and sometimes the effects can leak into our relationships, parenting, work or life in general.   Trauma therapy determines where our stuck points are, and helps move us from it


The Protea Flower

All couples argue about all kinds of things.  The success of a relationship is not based on how often they argue or what they argue about, its based  on HOW they argue. 

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